Spiral Dynamics Training

The next Spiral Dynamics training will be in London from 9th May 2011

Followed by a level 2 in Organisational Development from 12th May 2011

Spiral Dynamics has proven to be an effective model and process of organizational design as it is a model that handles increasing diversity and complexity. The Spiral Dynamics model makes internal processes transparent and offers tools for effective change management. Spiral Dynamics maps the situation of an organization or society with active value systems, its willingness and ability to change, priorities and thinking patterns. In this way, more made more insight can be gained into complex problems and interventions become more focused and effective.

In this 3 day seminar you will learn

  • To recognise the different stages of development (the 8 mindsets that underlie both personal and professional interactions) and the key motivators and de-motivators at different stages
  • An understanding of the cycle of change, how to recognise symptoms of the ‘gamma trap’, the life conditions that lead to it and how to flex-flow to Evolutionary Change
  • To recognise the different types of change (the integral change equation)
  • To recognise ‘what’s next’ for different people (yourself included) and cultures
  • how to search for the ‘Third Win’
  • to create decision making structures that allow you to align fit to forms, function and flow
  • that internal and external conditions affect change-making strategies in yourself and your organisation
  • how to communicate with and motivate people
  • strategies for designing and implementing change from multiple perspectives
  • an enhanced understanding of the nature of conflict and the psychology of polarisation and the Assimilation/Contrast Effect and the implications this has for cultural conflict resolution

For further details…

  • contact Rachel either here rachel@rachelcastagne.com or jon@humanemergence.org.uk