Training in Spiral Dynamics & Endorphin Release

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Spiral Dynamics Integral

SDi gives us a framework for understanding the dynamic forces at work in human development.

It is based on fundamental research (Dr Clare Graves & Dr Don Beck) and visualized as a series of alternating warm (I/me/individualistic) and cool (We/collective) colours in a spiral. The colours stand for different value systems.  It is a lens which enables us to see and understand that people living in different life conditions exist at different levels of development and therefore are motivated by different value-systems (v-memes).

For an introduction to the different value-systems and colours of SD click here.

For me, the understanding that people operate from different value-systems informs my interaction/communication and shifts the nature of my conversation from trying to persuade them according to my values, to listening and respecting the values that motivate them and from that context searching for a win-win-win solution to whatever dilemma/problem we might be facing.

Spiral Dynamics has proven to be an effective model and process of organizational design as it is a model that handles increasing diversity and complexity. The Spiral Dynamics model makes internal processes transparent and offers tools for effective change management. Spiral Dynamics maps the situation of an organization or society with active value systems, its willingness and ability to change, priorities and thinking patterns. In this way, more made more insight can be gained into complex problems and interventions become more focused and effective.

Upcoming Training Workshops and Seminars

The next Spiral Dynamics Level 1 Training will be in London from 9th May

To be followed directly with a Level 2 in Organisational Development

For details of the next Spiral Dynamics training please click here.

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