Organisational Consulting

“A crisis can be a real blessing to any person, to any nation, for all crises bring progress. Creativity is born from anguish just as the day is born from the dark night, it is in crisis that inventiveness, discoveries and grand strategies are born”


Organisations, like humans, (and all living systems such as plants and animals) have life cycles; they are born, grow, age and die: knowing where you are in your life-cycle enables you to decide if the problems you are facing are normal or abnormal for the stage you are currently at.

Key to facilitating change without conflict is the presence of mutual trust and respect.

We know from the work of Burt Hellinger and family constellations that has spawned Systemic Constellation work that there are basic, indigenous laws to human systems, namely:

  • everyone has a right to belong
  • those who came first have priority ranking over those who came later
  • respect- opens prospects and releases energy to find solutions:what actually is, must be allowed to be
  • priority goes to those with more at stake in the whole
  • competence has a higher priority
  • there needs to be a balance of giving and receiving between the various elements and the system

Reality cannot be denied. To be capable of action, all the members of the system have to recognise and have respect for the way things actually are.

This means our primary work is enabling this acceptance/acknowledgement and recognition of the way things are (we know from flow and change work that it can all change, but not before this acknowledgement of the current reality)

The greatest insight here is that from our ancestral heritage as far back as clans and tribes belonging to a group meant survival (the origins of our inheritance from the animal kingdom).
Therefore, we are equipped at a primal level with the strongest possible motivation to assure our place in the current social system, it is extremely difficult to change counter-productive behaviour that shows up in the larger organisation…

Working in partnership with Jon Freeman and Ian Mcdonald of the Center for Human Emergence-UK we have access to online state-of-the-art Assessments for Individuals and Organizations

  • Change State Indicator
  • Values Assessment
  • CultureScan

These assessments provide insight into:

  • Where the organization is at in the cycle of change and the kind of change that is experienced
  • The multiple bottom lines of post-modern organizations: Purpose, Principles, People, Profit, Planet.
  • The ‘fit’ between individuals and their job, management, team or organization
  • The current mindsets (ways of thinking), the value systems that are arising in the organization