“Coaching is a professional relationship in which the coach assists you to gain clarity, navigate change, find balance, and achieve your highest potential whilst creating exceptional results”

Dynamic Inquiry is an inquiry that is designed to move in concert with the meaning making of the person being coached; that is, it surfaces the construction of meaning making within the Person Being Coached (PBC) such that they can begin to understand themselves better and how the world shows up for them.

Coaching builds greater awareness both internally and externally, assisting you to gain clarity whilst supporting you to navigate change and develop competence and greater capacity to respond coherently to the increasing demands of today’s complex environments whether they be work, social or the family home.

The Coach 2 method that I’ve been trained in goes way beyond ambitious goals and corrective feedback: it connects people to a greater awareness of themselves, their values and what motivates them; it clarifies expectations (both your own and others) and invites commitment to fulfilling your potential, through giving you access to more internal resources than you possibly knew you had…

It can support both personal and organisational learning and development.

In these times of accelerated change and increasing complexity the need for skills (competence) and capacity is huge.  The Coach 2 method builds capability and competence within individuals and at an organisational level; given the nature of the game people are often left to their own devices to resolve problems, by developing the capacity for Dynamic Inquiry within people, they are enabled to become more self-responsible and resourceful.

Through building resilience and flexibility at the level of the individual the organisation becomes more resilient and adaptable.

To quote Mike Jay:

“If you can change just 20% of your organisation or your beliefs though coaching, you will create a structural change in your company and in yourself toward more desirable outcomes. The coaching interaction is the medium to produce sustainable cultures, adaptable organisations and generative futures.”