Bodywork & Healing


“I do not judge what I sense or feel; in this sense a good healer is like a good coach; judgement gets us nowhere, it simply fixes the undesirable or dysfunctional patterns in their place.” – Rachel Castagne

“I have received a lot of bodywork and massage therapies …
The first thing I noticed when Rachel began her work was the way that my body recognised the skill of her touch.

Her focus is intuitive and her combination of techniques an invitation to enter into a deep state of relaxation. I recommend her only to those who demand quality.”

Mat Barber

Each body, each session is different; you are never in the same place/space twice.

I use a variety of different healing modalities in repsonse to what your body requires in the moment, from Cranio-Sacral techniques such as listening with my hands and unwinding to traditional Swedish Massage strokes to Deep Tissue work to running the Access Bars and a variety of Energy Processes that support the immune system and release trauma and old dysfunctional patterning.

Unwinding and releasing trauma held in the body is a particular area of interest and expertise. I work at the cellular level to support your body to relax and release old memories held in the cells: molecular memory and patterning can be changed as easily as exhaling when/if we are willing to listen to what actually IS present rather than telling our body how it should/ought to be or ignoring its aches and pains.

Many people work with trauma at the psychological level, not recognising that the memory and patterning of unresolved trauma is held in cellular memory; our minds often lie to us as we try to convince ourselves that we have dealt with this or resolved that just because we have inquired into it’s psychological origins…and think we ‘understand’ it. The body however, frequently tells a different story: the body never lies. It simply speaks in the language of atoms rather than with words.

Your body is an amazing receiver and transmitter of energy and information. However in this reality we’ve been conditioned to think, feel and believe that any signs of dis’ease are symptoms of ‘wrongness’. The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself easily and effortlessly if we are willing to listen to the information it gives us.

Too many of us treat our body like a slave: we ‘train’ it; demand it performs in certain ways, never stopping to inquire of our body if theres another way to do what needs to be done with ease….

When was the last time you acutally asked your body:

Body how can I be kind to you today?

Body, what can I do to appreciate you today?

Body, what would YOU like to eat?

Body, what would you like to wear?

“Healing,” Papa would tell me, “is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing nature.” - W H Auden

When was the last time you considered ‘wooing’ your body, or do you just expect it to ’show up and perform’ on demand?



  • ITEC Holistic Massage (1991)
  • Foundation in Macrobiotic Healing (1991)
  • Reiki Master (2005)
  • Holistic Partnerships – Core Energy Management 1&2 (2004)
  • Soul Talk Facilitator (2004)
  • INTPLA – Certified Practitioner NLP (2005)
  • Certified Access Bars Faclitator (2012)
  • Auricular Acupuncture for Musculo-Skeletal issues (Level 1, 2012)