Coaching Services

Coaching builds awareness, enabling people to develop greater competence and capacity to respond to the increasing demands of complex environments leading to better performance and satisfaction (greater wellbeing)…


Working in partnership with Jon Freeman and Ian Mcdonald of the Center for Human Emergence-UK we have access to online state-of-the-art Assessments for Individuals and Organizations

  • Change State Indicator
  • Values Assessment
  • CultureScan

These assessments provide insight into:

  • Where the organization is at in the cycle of change and the kind of change that is being experienced
  • The multiple bottom lines of post-modern organizations: Purpose, Principles, People, Profit, Planet.
  • The ‘fit’ between individuals and their job, management, team or organization
  • The current mindsets (ways of thinking); the value systems that are arising in the organization

The essence of Meshworking™ is about the way we gather a variety of stakeholders behind a common higher goal in such a way that true progress can be made in resolving complex problems. It is different to a network in which relationships between partners are focused on self interest. In a meshwork, the self interest of each partner is being placed within the context of the common interest. In a meshwork, a lot of attention is given to the unique qualities of each of the partners and how to express those even more. Meshworking™ makes it possible to reveal the relationships between the core motives and interests of each of the partners and the common goal. This is why partners in a meshwork™ can achieve more together, than each of the partners alone. It aligns people, organizations and know-how behind core functions that need to be performed to solve specific challenges.