Human Design System: Different kinds of Authority

Ra once said: “If anyone ever asks you what is Human Design, you tell them it‘s about learning how to make a decision as yourself. That’s all. Truly, this is what this knowledge is about; Know how to make a decision as yourself.”

What does it mean to ‘make a decision as yourself’? An important part of Human Design understanding is to grasp the idea of ‘the not-self’. The ‘not-self’ is all those centers where you are ‘open’; ie it’s the white spaces in your chart (you can get a look at your chart by going to and putting your birth details into the system under the tab ‘Get your free rave chart’)

The centers which are coloured in are known as ‘defined’ centers in Human Design and they are what you can rely on consistently: the open centers are open to the conditioning of others who are defined in those centers or to the movement of universal forces or influences which condition the centers at different times over time- therefore they are not consistent within you.

The Mind is directly connected to your openness and the ‘not-self’. Therefore your open centers or ‘openness’ conditions the way your mind makes a decision. Believe it or not, the Mind is not for decision-making. The Mind is merely the ‘passenger’ consciousness of your vehicle (your body). We have all been subject to a deep conditioning that has trained us to follow our minds… and the Mind itself can put up a very good argument for not following your correct strategy, it tends to look down upon the grunts and ‘uh huhs’ of the sacral or be rather too impatient to wait out the ‘emotional wave’ if you have solar plexus authority.

For example two thirds of humanity has an undefined heart or ego/will center (the small red triangle if its defined to the right of the yellow diamond shape in the center of the bodygraph- it will be white if it’s undefined in your chart). If you have an undefined ego (heart) then your ‘nots-self’ is constantly trying to prove you’re amazing to the rest of the world or work on improving yourself.

Example Human Design Chart

Example Human Design Chart

Authority depends on which centers are defined and follows an order:

Solar Plexus Authority

If you have a defined Solar Plexus (brown triangle to the right on the bodygraph) then your Authority is Emotional: there is no truth in the moment for people with Emotional Authority; they have to wait out their emotional wave, what they feel in the upswing of their wave will likely be the polar opposite of what they feel in the down trough of the wave…. They have to wait out their wave over time checking in with their decision-making potential several times in that time period.

The undefined Solar Plexus tends to avoid confrontation and truth.

Sacral Authority

If the Solar Plexus is white/undefined and the Sacral center is coloured in red, then you have Sacral Authority which makes itself known through a gut response of ‘uh huh’ or ‘uh uh’ or a movement towards or away from: this is in the moment, immediate. 66% of the population has a defined Sacral, but some of these will have a defined Solar Plexus also- in which case they have Emotional Authority.

Splenic Authority

If the Solar Plexus and Sacral centers are both undefined (White) and the Splenic Center is Defined or coloured in brown then the Authority is Splenic: those with a defined Spleen must listen to their intuition: the Spleen gives spontaneous, moment to moment awareness which means it never repeats itself- you must be aware in the moment and from moment to moment to catch this subtle ‘whisper’ or you will lightly miss it with all the ‘noise’ of your mind and environment.

The Spleen is our instinct for survival and those with definition here know what’s healthy or unhealthy for them if they will but listen.

Heart/Ego Authority

If neither the Solar Plexus, the Sacral or the Spleen is coloured in and the Heart is defined (small red triangle is coloured in) and the person has “Ego/Heart” Authority and this is based on the availability of the Will to engage. If the Heart is defined through a connection to the throat this is a Manifestor and it is important these people listen to what they say so that they can know their own truth.

If however the Heart is defined through it’s connection to the ‘Self’ center (yellow diamond also coloured in and no definition in Sacral) then this is actually a type of Projector who has huge potential to be a transformative force in the world WHEN INVITED.

Self-Projected Authority

If none of the aforementioned centers are defined and the Self Center (the Diamond in the center of the bodygraph is coloured in Yellow) is defined then this person has Self-Projected Authority. The ‘G’ Center defined as a very powerful voice of identity, which speaks in reaction to an invitation. Key with this Authority is to listen to what you say as your truth will always be expressed through the core of your identity. This is the design of a Projector.


If none of the above centers are present then there is no inner authority (this is quite rare and unique) and decisions require that the person with this design talks through their options NOT to get advice but to hear themselves think or bounce off a ‘sounding board’.

When there are no centers defined below the Throat Center this design receives guidance from sensory information about about the Environment through it’s open centers. It’s therefore important that these people ask: “Is this environment correct for me?”

Lunar Authority

When none of the centers are defined in a chart this is the design of a Reflector; it’s important for Reflectors to pay attention to their environment as they mirror it. A Reflectors personal Authority is established by the way their design connects the lunar cycle…key for Reflectors is to slow down and not let the world rush them: they need to spend a lunar cycle contemplating and discussing the issue before making any important decisions.

When you follow your Strategy, this connects you to your personal Authority.

Manifestors Strategy is to inform

Generators Strategy is to respond

Projectors Strategy is to wait for the correct invitation

Reflectors Strategy is to wait out a Lunar Cycle

When you operate as your unique self then your undefined centers become places of great wisdom as instead of conditioning you these centers inform you of what is going on in the world around you.

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