The Cave at the Heart

There’s a cave at the heart of all of us. I been to my own a few times now. Starting to make it a regular practice in fact. The reason being is it holds some answers, insights and understandings of myself and why I am the way I am that I don’t seem to be able to get anywhere else.

On the wall of this cave is inscribed all the life experiences, events and situations that you ever went through, in this lifetime and in many others. (Apologies if you don’t believe you have had many other lifetimes as well as this one, you’ll either have to bear with me or leave at this point.)

It can be hard to look some of these experiences that are inscribed on the walls at the cave of my heart in the eye. It’s like looking in the mirror and seeing pain and shortcomings, times I didn’t live up to my ideal self, times which were so painful to experience a part of me literally split off and went off somewhere far away. The journey into the cave at the heart involves calling these split off aspects of the soul back home; it involves forgiveness, more than anything it involves forgiving and accepting oneself as one is.

For me, that has been about learning not to be so hard on myself, to accept that I have limits and can be weak and have lacked discipline and strength of conviction to stand my ground in the past. In short it means accepting that I am not perfect, that I am made of both light and dark, yin and yang. It means letting go of judgement, letting myself perceive what I perceive and see what I see without putting my own lens or interpretation on it, or rather without insisting that my lens or interpretation is the ‘right’ one or the only way to look at it.

Crossing the Abyss

Crossing the Abyss is what Dante’s Inferno is all about; Blake, Keats and Mary Shelly all wrote poetry about it too. Many myths and poems have been written on the subject of the ‘hero’s journey’. When we make the journey from matter to spirit, at some point we have to begin to put our trust in the invisible realm of spirit rather than the visible world of matter. The levels below the heart, the base, sacral and solar plexus are the first three levels that we have to work through.

When we are born, we come into the world via our mother’s body, our spirit comes in at the crown and enters our physical body over the first few years of our lives, this is why its so important to have a stable, loving base in the early years. The quality of our base is dependant on the quality of our parent’s base whilst we are growing up. It seems to me that most people seems to think we are born and that’s it, we are suddenly all here. This is not so in my own experience, nor with the babies I have been blessed to hold. Anyone who holds a baby can sense, if they are willing to be open to it and don’t doubt what they pick up, that a baby has the air of coming in from another world, the world of spirit, one can see as they grow that there is an intelligence in there that has to learn how to negotiate being in it’s physical body.

If there is any kind of trauma, either during the birthing process or throughout the early years experience, this can affect the incoming spirit such that it may not come all the way in to the physical vehicle. Often we ‘attract’ such trauma experiences because we have unresolved trauma from another lifetime that needs to be brought to the surface so we can resolve the stuck energy, for stuck energy becomes a block to fulfilling our soul purpose and expressing what wants to be expressed through us.

So whilst the first three levels are about mediating the visible material world, the levels from the throat to the crown are about the invisible world, the inner spiritual world and the heart is the bridge between the two worlds. As Grahame Martin puts it, ‘It is like we are living One life from two places’ because you can look at your life situation through the eyes of Spirit or through the eyes of the world (matter).

The lens you choose to view your life, your world from, makes all the difference, yet much as some of us would like, just making a decision of the will to view our life circumstances through the eyes of Spirit is not as easy as a one off decision or act of will. Sometimes there are very real blocks on our journey from matter to spirit and trusting the invisible realms is a big issue for many of us.

Everyone is participating in this journey from spirit to matter by being born and living, and everyone is participating in the journey from matter back to spirit: some of us choose to do it consciously, others unconsciously. There is no ‘right’ way to do it, nor is conscious necessarily better than unconsciously doing it, just that those on the path of conscious evolution might sometimes claim it to be so. Regardless, find the way that works for you and allow others to be the way they need to be, and if that’s unconscious on the journey, so be it, that is their right, just as it is yours to choose to do the journey consciously.

The blocks that emerge on the journey are ours to undo and move through; these are the ‘meat’ of the inner work that we have signed up for this time round so to speak. It serves me not to get impatient about the time it takes to move through the blocks I discover in my heart, for impatience signifies that I have temporarily left my heart space and ‘jumped’ up into my mind and that I have some judgement on where I am now and where I ought to be, as if I could really know that from an intellectual level. The Soul is the rightful and true keeper of such timing. One moves through the blocks when one has the resources and is ready, sometimes we have to hang around in the pain and dangle off the edge of the cliff, risking descending into the Abyss. Some of us fall in, we get lost in the world, risking everything for worldly success or for some goal ‘out there’ only to find at some point after we have achieved it, that it leaves us empty in our heart and some major part of us goes hungry and begging for food in the strangest of places (this is what’s behind much addictive behaviour, whether of pleasure drugs or sugar and coffee).

If you’re interested in exploring your cave or making the journey through the seven levels check out

Grahame has written a brilliant book on this journey called the Seven Mysteries.

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  1. Mccayde says:

    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of ssunhine.

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